Irving Moskowitz Charities – What Help Did the Moskowitz Give?

Irving Moskowitz and his wife have created and support various Irving Moskowitz charities. The couple with the family has been generous to different communities. Moreover, since they give so much value to education, they have Irving Moskowitz charities that help the students from different schools. They know how important education is for the development of the children to prepare their lives and to prepare them for the world. There are many donations given by Irving and Cherna Moskowitz to children. Fedde Middle School is one of the recipients of a considerable amount of money. The school is in Hawaiian Gardens in California. Such donation would be used for purchasing iPads that would be used by the students. These devices will be of great help for the learning of the children and for them to be updated with the current technologies. These devices would be used as new tools for teaching and make them more interested in learning a lot of things.


The Irving Moskowitz charities don’t limit their help to a particular group of people but rather they try to be of help to a lot of people. Cherna and Irving Moskowitz are sponsoring educations of children and lead them to their future success. Moreover, they have provided other kinds of help for the children to encourage them to enjoy learning. There are many students that are dropping out during their middle school years and the Moskowitz are hoping that their help would somehow reduce the dropout rate. Their charitable efforts continue to help them to improve their lives and make them become better individuals.

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