Irving Moskowitz – Who Is This Icon?

Irving Moskowitz was ninth of thirteen children. He was born in New York City and was raised in Milwaukee. Being raised in Milwaukee was one of the tough experiences in his life and it had a great impact on what he has become now. That was one difficult place for a young Jew. He loved sports and was recognized as a great athlete but he refused to accept a small minor league team in their location since he wanted a way to escape poverty and because of that he decided to take up medicine. He took his medical course in University of Wisconsin Medical School and graduated in the year 1952. After a few years, Irving Moskowitz bought in California his first hospital. This began the series of great business decisions and it caused the different trips he made to Israel and this changed his life.


Irving Moskowitz is married to Cherna Moskowitz and they have eight children. They are religious Jews who are passionate about caring for other people. The American dream was achieved by Dr. Irving Moskowitz and it transformed his life from rags to riches and all he did was to support the Jews. He was generous enough to give big donations when he got a letter from the Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Guiron after the 1967’s war in the Middle East. Dr. Moskowitz is an Orthodox Jew. He lost several relatives in the Holocaust. He became generous to charities when he made money. He has the heart of helping the people in Israel who are surrounded by those who are trying to destroy the country.

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