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The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation Donates to Red Cross for California and Florida Natural Disasters

Last year, both California and Florida were devastated by major disasters. Californians suffered major loss by the Camp fires that ravaged throughout Northern California. Many people suffered the ultimate cost and lost their lives, and those that survived, well they were left with ashes in a place they once called home. The Camp Fires of 2018 is now known as the deadliest wildfire in California which caused billions in damages over the course of its 17-day run. Peoples livelihoods were engulfed in flames and everything they had once known was gone. In Florida, hurricanes brought mass destruction swallowing up homes and neighborhoods. Flooding was so extreme; the cleanup would take months. Lives were turned upside down in both these states and much was lost. After the fires and storms passed and the destruction these disasters left behind was analyzed, many were left unsure how they would recover and rise above this mass destruction.

Nonetheless, The ARC was there. These are just two examples of the more than 70,000 disasters that The American Red Cross responds to every year. The relief that comes from the ARC focuses on emergency based disasters, they are able to provide first aid, blood to hospitals for patients in need, shelter, food, and health services both mental and physical. In addition, the ARC assists individuals finding their way back to a life they once had before the tragedy struck. The ARC understands the needs all humans require, and they focus on making this attainable to those after they have suffered so much loss.

In 2018, The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation donated $300,000 to the ARC’s cause. Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz have been long time supporters of this organization and donations such as these provide the much-needed support for those whose lives have been devastated by disasters such as the California wild fires and the hurricanes that struck Florida last year. Irving Moskowitz, was a physician who dedicated much of his free time to ensure others had a means of improving their lives. Alongside his wife Cherna Moskowitz, they have made a huge impact on others through their ongoing donations to non-profit organizations such as the ARC. Cherna Moskowitz is dedicated to continuing the work of The Moskowitz Foundation established over 50 years ago by her husband Irving Moskowitz. Without the donations and support from others, many people’s lives that have been struck by tragedy may have been irreparable. It’s often in times of tragedy we can only see the best in others, when people rally together and work as one to assist those in need. It’s often in those times when we become the best support to strangers. Donors like Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz don’t wait for tragedy, they give openly and do so generously knowing that touching even one person’s life can give them the much-needed hope, possibly on one of their darkest days, to let them know that there are brighter days ahead.

For more information on The American Red Cross or to learn how you can donate blood, volunteer, or support this cause by making a monetary contribution visit

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Moskowitz Foundation donates to Smile Train

Did you know a smile can be detected from over 300 feet away? How much does a smile make a person seem more approachable to you? It’s pretty safe to say that our smiles have a considerable impact not only on ourselves but everyone around us. So regardless of the muscles required, wouldn’t it seem that everyone is deserving of a full functioning beautiful smile?

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